International Work

International Elective Opportunity

Canadian anesthesiologists have a long history of providing medical aid internationally. CASIEF is the largest and best know Canadian NGO that services several global destinations. However many other Canadian surgical and anesthesia programs and providers travel abroad to provide medical aid. Link provides a few available international health opportunities for residents.

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Fellowship and Masters Programs

Anesthesia and surgery are becoming important players in the international health and global health arena. There is a critical shortage of anesthesia providers globally. Anesthesiologists who have an interest in international health are encouraged to pursue post-residency training. Currently two streams are available to further your interest in international health: 1) pursuing an international health fellowship program or 2) completing masters of international public health.

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Careers & Work

Anesthesiologists are perfectly suited for work in the international health, global health and public health domains. Opportunities are numerous and the need for anesthesia input is increasing. Observing work opportunities during training years can give an anesthesia trainee a perspective of were anesthesia input is required.

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